Senior Falcon Plans Build

I finally started building a Carl Goldberg Senior Falcon.  I’ve never had one, but have flown others’ airplanes.  I’ve always wanted one because they are such good flyers, and excellent general-purpose models.  The kit’s been discontinued for quite a while, so I’m building it from the plans. The kit is one of those where you can easily use the plans to build and entire model, if you’ve put a few together.  There’s enough information to make wing ribs, fuselage formers, and all the other assorted parts.

Let’s get into the build.

I started-out by thoroughly examining the plans.  You want to be very familiar with your modeling subject when you start a plans-build.

Fuselage and half wing plan

Wing and Stabilizer plan

Then, you have to decide where you want to start

I decided to do the wing first, so I traced the shape of a rib,

Trace wing rib from plans.

and then transferred it to plywood.

Transfer traced rib to plywood.

This is an easy thing to do, and you don’t need to be perfectly-accurate.  After all, you DO have sandpaper to fine-tune things.

Next, we’ll cut out the template and make some ribs.  See you next post!

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